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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans are still working from home at least a couple of days a week. As the trend continues, more and more companies are realizing the many benefits of allowing their employees to work remotely.

However, working from home isn’t always as ideal as it sounds. Many men and women are becoming desperate for a change in scenery after working from one space day after day. But where does one go, besides a local coffee shop that is loud and distracting, when they want to get away from their cramped home office? A hotel, that’s where.

By checking into a nice hotel, employees are able to take a working vacation during the week or over a long weekend. Read on to find out why a “workcation” is worth considering.

Enjoy a new location

There is nothing better than a nice change of scenery to get the brain firing on all cylinders. Instead of a small office filled with paperwork to look forward to, a quality hotel room will offer a much-needed change of pace and scenery. Many luxury hotels offer discounts for longer stays, so it is conceivable to book a room for a week or longer without breaking the bank.

Cut down on the distractions

Working from home will almost always come with distractions. From significant others to children to pets to ringing doorbells, getting work done can be difficult and frustrating. A hotel room offers peace and quiet from all of these distractions, day and night. It’s much easier to concentrate on the job when there is no one else around.

Take advantage of hotel amenities

Booking a room in a luxury hotel allows visitors the chance to enjoy the many amenities offered by the brand. Swimming in the hotel pool after a long day of Zoom calls will be a great motivator to get the job done. Choosing a hotel with room service means not having to worry about heading out for a meal. Some luxury hotels even offer spa treatments for their customers, something every harried and overworked employee can enjoy. Many hotels provide their guests with an on-site gym and a dedicated office space right in the room.

When work is becoming tedious and tiring, take a “workation” at a nearby hotel. It will be worth it in the end!