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Entrepreneurship has become more popular than ever, but it’s also an extremely difficult career to put yourself into. Even the most successful entrepreneurs understand that creating a new business is never easy, even if you’ve created a successful one in the past. As an entrepreneur, you need to be constantly allowing yourself to learn more and grow, in order to adapt to the changes that could come your way at any moment. A great source of knowledge and advice for entrepreneurs tends to be podcasts. Many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have gone out of their way to create podcasts meant to help other like-minded individuals carve their own path to success in the business world. Here are some of the best podcasts by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs in 2022.

Unemployable with Brian Clark

Brian Clark is a unique individual who interacts with his listeners through his unique style of interacting. The Unemployable is a weekly podcast that’s for self-made business owners. He’s also regularly joined by some of the most prominent entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Seth Godin. In addition to talking about his own entrepreneurial journey, Brian also shares his thoughts on the business game and how he’s been able to grow his company. He created a movement called “7-figure-small,” which is a series of videos that he’s sharing about his ups and downs.

The School of Greatness

This is a weekly podcast that’s for people who are tired of hearing the same old business tricks. Host Lewis Howes’ goal is to bring diversity to your daily life. He’s dedicated to inspiring innovators and entrepreneurs, but his show also has a more personal touch. The show includes guests from many different backgrounds, not just entrepreneurs. Some of these include athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Tony Robbins, as well as scientists and writers. They’re all passionate about helping others reach their goals and become successful in life. Aside from being able to interview some of the most prominent entrepreneurs, Lewis also has a variety of solo interviews where he talks about his journey to success. These are very insightful stories that are sure to inspire and educate.

Hack The Entrepreneur

Jon Nastor is a unique individual who focuses on creating original content for entrepreneurs. He’s also dedicated to providing a variety of advice and inspiration for those who are looking to start their own online business. Every discussion on his show is focused on bringing benefits to his listeners. All of the guests on the show share the same goal: to help entrepreneurs develop their online business idea and make them successful. They’re also diverse, with some being multi-million dollar founders and solo entrepreneurs.