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Every year, business trends are predicted by looking back to what has taken place in the past. By the year 2022, many small businesses will be at a significant disadvantage because of how much technology has changed. Fortunately for small businesses, there are plenty of small business trends to look out for in 2022.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is steadily on the rise as it offers better security, increased flexibility, and more productivity at a lower cost. With cloud computing, users rent computer power from an external provider rather than having to invest in more equipment internally. Cloud computing is becoming more accessible, with Amazon Web Services offering a range of services that cover the entire cloud spectrum.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is one of the most beneficial business trends in America. It helps companies streamline their operations and run more efficiently. Businesses are creating tools that will strategize ways to utilize big data successfully to make cost-effective decisions. From improving customer satisfaction to tracking your inventory, there’s no denying that big data analytics will play an important role in shaping business in 2022.


Automation is another trend to watch. Whether it’s in the manufacturing or service sectors, automation is becoming more of a reality. From production lines to schedules, technology and tools are changing how businesses operate and how they need to adjust. Businesses are looking for ways to increase productivity, quality, and efficiency. By 2022 there will be more automation employed in the workplace as opposed to 2012. To stay competitive, you need your employees trained on the latest techniques and technologies that will automate processes successfully.

Collaborative Economy and the Growth of Platforms

As revenues from e-commerce and businesses grow, there will be a shift towards decentralized economies. The collaboration economy will bring together businesses to help them share resources and explore new ways to make money. Platforms for sharing goods and services will be some of the most important tools in 2022 as they allow people to become more involved with their local communities.

Democratization of Information & Education

Technology has made it easy to access information easily. This trend will impact all of the aforementioned trends. There will be an increase in collaboration, automation, and transparency. Education and training are more readily available than they have ever been as technology evolves rapidly to provide a world where skills can be accessed anytime in any location.

Social Media and Mobile Services

As more people become entrenched in social media, it’s clear that this trend will continue to grow as it allows businesses to reach new potential customers. Mobile services offer more value for less cost, making them the most valuable resources in the workplace. Social media continues to grow and shape culture as people connect and interact through various platforms.