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Recruiting, hiring, and training the right personnel goes a long way towards the success of your organization. However, once all that is done, it’s motivating and inspiring your team that really leads everyone to the results you can only dream of.

Start off with establishing clear goals. Your goals need to not only be clear but also measurable. If a goal isn’t concrete, it won’t motivate anyone because they can’t visualize it or feel it. Good goals are specific and measurable but also realistic and time-bound.

Give your employees regular feedback and face-to-face time. Whether it’s through a computer screen for remote work or actually stopping by their desks, they actually want to hear from you more often. In fact, almost two-thirds of all employees want to get more feedback about their work than they already get.

Permit flexibility. Some work can honestly be done at home or from remote locations. Don’t make your employees spend all their work hours in the office if there are things they can do on their own schedule. Let them have more control over their work-life balance.

Compensate them at a fair level. Half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and this includes those making as much as $150,000 a year. Prevent the expenses involved with employee turnover by making sure you compensate your crew effectively enough to retain them and let them withstand the bumps in the road that life will throw them outside of work.

Remember that compensation isn’t just about salary and wages. Benefits, ranging from paid time off to insurance, also matter a great deal. Sometimes, these details matter more to professionals than the raw pay.

Lastly, make the work environment a place that people are proud of. The environment needs to be healthy. It has to be a place where people are satisfied and can enjoy creative thinking. Employees who are highly motivated tend to be ones working for employers they believe share their values and personalities, even if only to some degree. Emphasize personal space, low noise pollution, air quality, and natural light.

Every manager or boss dreams of being a world-class leader. However, accomplishing it is another matter. It’s not so much about personal glory as treating your team right.