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An office that doesn’t have strong employee engagement is an office that doesn’t have a future. Employees need to feel like they have a say over how their place of business operates to remain motivated. To boost productivity, you need to boost employee engagement, and to achieve that, you’ll want to heed a few easy tips.

Flexible Arrangements

Between COVID and the rise of online remote work, the days of static 9 to 5 work engagements are gone. To keep workers engaged, it is now essential to have flexible schedules that allow them to work when they are at their most energized and thus most productive.

Authenticity Is Essential

No one likes working for a phony. People know fakeness when they see it, and they’d typically rather put in the extra effort for someone who’s “real” and honest with them than someone who’s fake all the time. For example, an excessive upbeat attitude all the time can backfire and make workers more cynical. By contrast, being authentic can make them feel a real connection with you and, thus, your company, motivating them to work harder.

Gather Together

COVID may put a damper on physically meeting in person for now, but you can and should still try to meet up with team members on Skype or Zoom at least once a week. Once in-person meetings become safe again, embrace them wholeheartedly. Nothing fosters team spirit and the productivity that comes with it like eating out or grabbing drinks with coworkers and developing bonds with one another.

Set Clear Goals

Nothing leaves a team unmotivated like not knowing what they’re working for. Conversely, having a clear, measurable, trackable goal can motivate a team. We all love to have a sense of achievement in life, and setting clear, attainable goals that teams can understand and target with precision and excitement can energize workers to a great degree.

Create a Nice Work Environment

Expansive stretches of drab, cookie-cutter cubicles have been a cliché of the dreariness of the modern workplace for decades. It’s time to shake things up. Introduce some life, color, and personality into your workplace. Your colleagues shouldn’t feel like heading to work is like heading to prison, but a place that’s fun to work where inspiration and free-spirited exchange of ideas flow freely.

Implementing these ideas can help you improve employee engagement.