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Are you thinking of leaving your day job to plunge into business ownership? The following business blogs will help a beginner start and develop a business by providing the guidance, insights, and information they need to succeed.


1. Big Ideas for Small Business


Big Ideas for Small Business targets small business owners, providing them with concise, comprehensible, and usable information regarding legal, tax, and finance for small entrepreneurs, thus helping them avoid problems or missing opportunities. Their mission is ideally to make entrepreneurs smarter.


2. Best 4 Businesses


Best 4 Businesses provides a source for realistic reviews by business owners who have succeeded in their fields. They address issues on the best strategies to launch and grow a business successfully. They provide advice on new business ideas, creating catchy business names, smart financing options, and startup legal guidance.


3. CorpNet


Corpnet provides entrepreneurs with guidance on starting, growing, and managing a business from start to finish. Founder Nellie Akalp shares this as well as her own experience in addressing legal basics step-by-step. They provide content applicable to both existing and startup businesses.


4. Small Business


The website provides advice for Britain’s businesses categorized as small- and medium-sized. Included in this category are micro-businesses and sole traders. Small Business offers guidance from experts in the industry, how-to features, breaking news, and interviews with leading figures in the world of business. Among the most recent podcast guests is Nicola Hick from Superwoman and Dragon’s Den’s star Deborah Meaden. It is no wonder SmallBusiness made it among the top live blogging sites during the COVID-19 pandemic.


5. ZoomShift


The ZoomShift blog teaches managers how to schedule, hire and retain their employees, among other topics. They also have a small business glossary that defines unfamiliar business sayings and terms.


6. Ideas Plus Business


Ideas Plus Business provides entrepreneurs and startups with business resources. Founded by one person, Adeyemi Adetilewa, the site has transformed from a little-known one-person blog and now offers a platform where different experts comment on different topics, addressing a global audience. They aim to provide varied perspectives on finance, business, marketing, and the technology industry.


7. Small Business Labs


Small Business Labs hinges on the social aspect, studying how the future of work will be swayed by demographics, business trends, and technology. Their main focus is on the gig economy and small businesses.